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Protective grid for stoves.

Every day more than 783 thousand domestic accidents take place. Protect your home with Protectionik, the protective grid for your wood stove or pellet stove. Protectionik is the ideal solution to prevent the risk of very severe burns caused by the high temperature of the stove glass. Let's stop the many serious accidents that every year involve children and domestic animals, a mere distraction may cause very serious and permanent damages. Now it is time to install Protectionik, a patented system which, besides avoiding the contact with the stove glass, it does not overheat thanks to its exclusive ergonomic construction. Protectionik was designed to grant safety but, at the same time, it is a furniture item that contributes to increase the style and elegance of your living area. The solid structure is made of electrowelded steel, a shock resistant and easy to clean material. It is supplied with a safety system resisting temperatures up to 500° degrees and with quick couplings. Protectionik is powder varnished ensuring an excellent aesthetic look thanks to its scratch resistant treatment.


Base 61,4 cm.
Height 99 cm.
Depth 26,6 cm.
Maximum glass
width coverage
53 cm.
( the distance between one tube and the other is 3cm.)

Weight 11.5kg
(it is fit for round and square stoves)

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